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“LOOPET” vest pocket Fresnel lens magnifier


Listed June 14, 2017 in Other Accessories | Victoria

This vintage item was supplied by George's Camera Store in Sydney back in the 1980s. As shown, it's a vest pocker sized Fresnel lens magnifier in a slide away pouch. It's ideal for viewing 35mm negati...


Halogen tubes (5) 240v 1000w long series


Listed May 17, 2017 in Darkroom Equipment | Victoria

I'm clearing the darkroom and studio of electrical spares and replacement parts. There are five of these NEC halogen tubes to be sold as a lot. These long series tubes fit high powered lamps used in p...


Enlarger Lens: Soligor f/3.5 – 50mm, M39 “Leica” thread


Listed May 9, 2017 in Darkroom Equipment | Victoria

This high quality enlarger lens was made by Soligor - one of Japan's most respected manufacturers of photographic optics. Its 50mm focal length is ideal for printing full frame 35mm. As shown, the len...


Exhaust Fan: 240v 60w 3-speed 1350rpm


Listed April 3, 2017 in Darkroom Equipment | Victoria

This item is a turbo exhaust fan. As shown, the fan is mounted in a black plastic housing forming a self contained unit complete with baffle. The rotary blade is 24cm long, 12cm diameter. TechSpecs: 2...

Clipboard display frame: all alloy, front loading


Listed April 3, 2017 in Darkroom Equipment | Victoria

This clipboard style photo frame loads from the front. It's made from a specially extruded aluminium molding which incorporates spring loaded hinges. Outer dimensions: 30x46cm; the molding is 3cm wide...


Gadget Bag: synthetic carry-all with alloy binding


Listed March 22, 2017 in Bags and Cases | Victoria

This sturdy camera carry-all was made in Japan. It was marketed in Australia by Canberra Luggage back in the 1990s. It measures 30cm wide, 24cm high and 17cm deep; the front pouch adds 3cm to the dept...


Trelux C-41 bleach concentrate


Listed March 22, 2017 in Darkroom Equipment | Victoria

As shown, I have approximately 1800 ml of Trelux C-41 bleach concentrate surplus to requirements. This liquid bleach concentrate is intended for use with film stock requiring the C-41 process. Accordi...