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Is it really free to list on Camera Market?

Yes! Camera Market is free for non-commercial individuals to list your camera equipment – and we intend to keep it this way. There is a small cost if you choose to list a “Feature Ad”, but there are no costs for standard listings, and no commissions when your item has sold.

Is it safe to buy on Camera Market?
Camera Market takes fraud seriously, and frequently moderates all users and ads to ensure they are listed by Australian residents. We also block countries known to harbour scammers from accessing this website. However, like with any purchase online or when paying money to someone you have not met – please use common sense. See our Safe Trading Guide for further information.

What are “Feature Ads”?
By listing a “Feature Ad”, you ensure the most exposure for your ad. All Feature Ads are displayed randomly in the slider on the Camera Market front page, and appear highlighted in search results or category pages. Feature Ads also have a higher priority over standard ads, so are generally listed first in search results and category pages.

How long are ads displayed for?
All ads are displayed on Camera Market for 90 days. After that time, if you wish to renew your ad, you can do so for a further 90 days by clicking the “Relist Ad” link next to the relevant ad on your My Account page. You can then edit your ad or click the Resume button to re-list your ad for a further 90 days.

How can I cancel my ad?

If you have sold your item or wish to cancel your ad, you can click the Pause button for the relevant ad under your My Account page to remove it from public display. It will be removed from your My Account page after a period of time.

How can I edit my ad?

To edit your ad, under your My Account page click the Edit icon. This will allow you to change the title, description and images. If you wish to change the category that your ad is listed under, please contact us.

How can I change my account password?

You may wish to change your default password so it is easier to remember. Do this by clicking on the “My Account” link once you have logged in, then click “Edit Profile” to update your password or other details.

Can businesses sell on Camera Market?

Camera Market is primarily for non-commercial individuals to sell their used camera equipment, however, we do have store accounts for businesses who wish to list second-hand, reconditioned or discounted stock. Store listings are tagged with a store icon to differentiate them from non-commercial listings and are charged at $5 per listing. Please contact us if you would like to establish a store account.

If you have any other questions, please contact us with your question, and we will respond as quickly as possible.